Landscape Economy Readings and Resources

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Thematic seminar sequence

Lecture recordings and material

  • Session recordings and slides are usually published shortly after our Monday sessions.
  • You can find them open access on ILIAS via this link

Session 1: The wider TELOS context

Session 2.1: Health & Recreation

Organisations: International Society for Urban Health (ISUH)

Session 2.2: The Commons

Session 3.1: Housing

  • Session Slides & Recordings
  • Kopf K., The Handbook of Urban Morphology, 2018.
  • Wratten Steve D., Ecosystem Services in Agricultural and Urban Landscape, 2013.
  • Young Xiao, Urban Morphology and Housing Market, 2015.
  • Ninan K. N., Valuing Ecosystem Servises, 2017.

Session 3.2: Tourism

Session 4.1: Agriculture

Session 4.2: Urban Forestry

Session 5.1: Mobility

Session 5.2: Energy

Session 6: The Hidden Landscapes of the Global Value Added Chain

  1. Boulet, M..; Annet Hoek, Rob Raven (2021): The gaze of the gatekeeper, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 171, 2021,
  2. Deloitte (ed., 2022): Global powers of retailing 2021
  3. EU Circular Economy action plan
  4. Hunt, C. (2021): How can retailers adapt to the 15-minute city trend?, Podcast (55 Min.)
  5. Jones, P.; Comfort, D. (2019): The circular economy and natural capital: A case study of European clothing and fashion retailers, in:International Journal of Management Cases, 21(1):36-50, 2019, ISSN: 1741-6264
  6. Schaltegger, S.; Buritt, R. (2014): Measuring and managing sustainability performance of supply chains, Review and sustainability supply chain management framework, in: Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 19/3 (2014) 232–241,
  7. Sidharath Joshi (2022): A review on sustainable supply chain network design: Dimensions, paradigms, concepts, framework and future directions, Sustainable Operations and Computers, Volume 3, p. 136-148.
  8. Sughra G. (2021): Socially Responsible Retailing. In: Crowther D., Seifi S. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
  9. Wintschnig, B. A. (2021): The Attitude-Behavior Gap – Drivers and Barriers of Sustainable Consumption in: Junior Management Science 6(2), p. 324-346
  10. Zamfir, I. (2020): Towards a mandatory EU system of due diligence for supply chains, European Parliamentary Research Service, EU

Session 8: Scenario and Forecasting

Session 9: Examples for System Modelling

Session 10+11: System Design with the Social Business Model Canvas